Which RV Is Right for Us?

This is the hardest part,I think. Figuring out which RV will be our new home. We have to consider size (will be be too small?), weight (how much can we tow with our truck?), features (bed size? seating? storage space?), and the kids (will they have enough room so the house doesn’t feel like a kennel?).

We decided a few of the must-haves. We need to have something that will accommodate a king size bed. Phil is a tall guy and anything smaller than a king has his feet hanging off the end of the bed. And the interior height must be tall enough that Phil doesn’t have to duck all the time. We don’t want him becoming a hunchback just because he can’t stand upright in his own home.

We want it to be washer/dryer ready. We may not have a washer/dryer, but we’d like to have the option. And there must be enough storage room underneath the RV for our windsurfing equipment, a generator, and tools with some room leftover for other miscellaneous things.

The truck and it’s towing capacity are non-negotiable. At least until we upgrade the truck. But, we’ve had it less than a year so it’s not going anywhere soon. Besides, it may be a good thing that it limits us to 13K in weight. We don’t want to go overboard while we’re working the bugs out of this lifestyle.  It’s a new adventure for us. We shouldn’t bite off too much to start and a 40+ foot fifth wheel might be a little much.

We’ve narrowed a list down to a few manufacturers and models. Now we just need to compare availability, price and warranties. Apparently, some companies are better than others when it comes to warranty claims and duration. That is one of those nasty realisms that we have to keep in mind while chasing this dream of ours.

We’ve been to our local RV dealers and checked out a few models. Now, we’ll look for the best deal within a radius we’re comfortable traveling for the perfect one(or as close to perfect as we can get). Phil seems to like the Montana High Country. It’s built nicely, has great basement storage, and Keystone has a good reputation. But we’ll see what we can find and get.

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