How a Husky Family is Made

We knew we wanted at least one dog.  But how to choose. We were thinking Husky or German Shepherd.  We saw this gorgeous girl at our local SPCA and decided she was perfect.  She was a tornado of energy which exasperated the volunteers, but delighted us.  We got the best of both the German Shepherd and the HWP_000062usky – we got Katya.

We brought her home from a city to a little town tucked away in the Southern Sierra mountains.  She got new smells, her forever home, and the promise of many outdoor adventures.

After a little while, she got comfortable and we decided it was time to give her a canine playmate.  We wanted another Husky mix and found our handsome guy at Husky Haven of LA.  We introduced them and it was ‘buds at first sniff’.  Duke reacted much like Katya to his new home.  His first trip to the lake, he didn’t know what to do first.  He’s found he loves swimming, although the river works just as well as the lake.

Our lit20141205_123654tle family loves being outdoors and running free.

We live our life among the hills and fur.