La Vie Boheme

What on earth would possess someone to quit their job, sell their house and live in an RV full-time?  Are you mentally unstable? Stupid? Having an early mid-life crisis? What about money? What about your kids? (In our case, dogs).  Why, in God’s name, would you do something that crazy?

Put simply: ‘cuz it sounds like fun!

My husband and I have gotten a lot of strange looks and disbelieving comments from our friends and family when we told them what we wanted to do:

  1. Get  a 5th wheel
  2. Sell everything  we own
  3. Travel around the country full-time with our 2 dogs.

We’ve always had trouble staying in one spot, but when we moved back to California and bought a house a few years ago, everyone thought that was it. Including us. But, we discovered in the past year or so that this sedentary lifestyle doesn’t work for us.  So we’re just not gonna do it anymore.

We don’t have children to worry about.  In our modern, wireless society we can easily stay connected to our stationary friends and relatives. So the question isn’t why would we do this, but why not?

And the gypsy life sounds all well and good, but this is still real life with real things to consider.  Money. Food. Healthcare. And the things you take for granted in a house. like where will you get that wireless connection from? What about electricity? Should we get solar panels? Or plumbing.  When is it OK to flush the toilet? What about hot showers? And afterward, what about the wastewater?

OK, so you stay at an RV park for utilities and sewer. How much is that gonna cost? Do they allow dogs there? Especially two large dogs like we have. There are a lot of questions and logistics to work out, but the dream is worth it.

So, follow us on our journey to make the dream a reality in La Vie Boheme.

Fifth Wheel Boondocking