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When we were first discussing getting a dog. We didn’t think about huskies. Phil wanted a German Shepherd. I had never had a dog before so I just wanted something fluffy to cuddle with:)

We looked at all the shelters within a 100 mile radius for a German Shepherd.  We found a puppy at a Bakersfield shelter. We went down to look at him and see if he wanted to come home with us. But when we got there and took him out to the “meet and greet” yard we noticed something wrong.  He had a lop-sided run;  his right back leg kicked out when he walked or ran.  So, we investigated and asked the people that worked there. They had no idea what we were talking about, but when they felt his leg they said, “huh, that’s weird.”

We thought so as well, especially that they hadn’t noticed – it was very pronounced that the hip joint was not where it was supposed to be, So they had their vet check him out and it seems that he must have had some sort of injury and his hip never healed right.  Now, we’re both very active people so we knew we were going to be taking our dog hiking, swimming, running and such.  This puppy would be uncomfortable with that much activity so we, sadly, said goodbye.

We continued our journey at the Bakersfield SPCA.  Here we found our girl, Katya.  Of course, the shelter volunteers had named her “Snow”. I wanted to call her Katya, and she answered to it immediately:) Phil liked her shepherd ears:) The ears!

When we first saw her, she was literally bouncing off the walls of her 6×8 cell.  It really is sad to see all those sweet animals at the shelters.  When we told the people there that we wanted to meet her, they grinned.  The volunteer assigned to get her out for us actually complained.  He said “I hate that dog”.

1. He should not be there

2. Now I really wanted her.

Anyways, they led her to an exercise yard where she proceeded to head butt the snotty volunteer and split his lip! It was awesome and I started falling in love with her right then.

We decided she liked us, and we liked her energy – and man was there energy! As soon as we had signed all the papers and I took her leash – she immediately calmed down. It was fate.

We packed her up in the back  of the Jeep. We then did something that is probably not advisable for just getting her out of the shelter – we took her in PetSmart:)Where are you taking me

But she was SO good. We were already getting compliments.  Once we got her home and she checked out her new digs – it was nap time.  Getting adopted really takes it out of a girl.

Laying in her bed her first night home.
Laying in her bed her first night home.


She’s a character. It took us a couple of weeks to train her not to jump on our heads while we were eating – not exaggerating. And her antics will make anyone smile.  One of my proudest moments with my Krazy Katya is when our niece, Maylee – she’s four – hugged her.

Maylee was always scared to death of dogs.  If we were at a park and a dog came within 20 feet of her, she began screaming in terror.  She was scared of Katya at first.  I was a little worried myself. Katya is not the calmest dog, or the quietest. Oh, She of the Donkey Howl.

But once she saw how scared Maylee was, she immediately took a very non-threatening pose.  Maylee didn’t care, she was still terrified. Katya seemed to understand and left her alone.  Now, we take our dogs everywhere we can with us, so Maylee saw a lot of her. After a couple more meetings, Maylee stopped hiding from her. Katya still left her alone.  After a couple more meetings, Maylee tried petting her and then ran away. It progressed like this for about a month until…tWP_20131228_004hat’s Maylee playing Doc McStuffins, and her brother, with Katya in the corner being “operated”on.  (Can you see her little white paws on the floor by the chair?)  My Krazy Katya calmed the nerves of a scared toddler and now Maylee falls asleep at our house with a doggie’s head in her lap.

Maylee being guarded by her boy, Duke, while she naps
Maylee being guarded by her boy, Duke, while she naps