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Which Hitch?

We’ve gone through what trailer we are looking to buy. But, we need a hitch to tow it. Our truck didn’t come with one installed so the question is which hitch is the best fit for us?

Deciding factors

There are all sorts of factors that come into play in this decision. The first being towing capacity. We’ve already narrowed down how much weight our truck can handle so we need to make sure that our hitch can handle the same. But we may upgrade our truck in the future and be able to tow more weight. Do we want to be able to take our hitch with us? How much more should we buy for? We can’t predict how big we may eventually want to go, so why not shoot for as big as we can get? So that put the search in the range of 21-24,000 pounds.

Next, the length of our truck bed needs to be taken into account. We have a short bed so we need a sliding hitch. If we don’t have one, the nose of the trailer could hit the back of our cab in a tight turn. That would limit our maneuverability and we can’t have that.  Who knows where our travels will lead us. I, for one, don’t want to have to turn back from a great place just because our hitch won’t let us get in there.

We also want to make sure that the connection is as secure as we can get it, preferably with vibration control for ride smoothness.  If we go somewhere and need the truck bed, it needs to be light enough to be removed without a cherry picker too.  Add all these factors together and one can narrow the playing field.

Where to shop

After trolling around on manufacturer’s websites, I found a nice website that will narrow the field for you based on your tow vehicle and other search parameters: http://www.etrailer.com

When I searched it, it gave me about 9 results int he 21-24K weight range. From there, I narrowed it down further to the Curt Q24 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ R24 Slider. With the install kit, it’s pretty reasonably priced. It will tow up to 24,000 pounds with 10 inches of slider travel and has a 10 year warranty.  You don’t have to drill into the truck frame to install it, and it’ll fit a 6′ bed.  It is a bit heavy, but at that towing capacity, you can’t find anything under 200 pounds. It shouldn’t be too difficult for Phil and I together to remove it if need be though.

The reviews on this product are very favorable and looks like a very reputable company.  I’ll have Phil look at it and see what he thinks, but I think we may have found our hitch.  Fingers crossed.

Curt Q24 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ R24 Slider