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Unal Trail and Geocaching

As it is now getting extremely hot down here in our Valley, we like to take time to get the fuzzy butts up to cooler ground. Recently, we decided to take a geocaching hike up Greenhorn Mountain on the Unal Trail.  This hike is a winding 3-mile loop with 700 feet of elevation change – perfect for active people and their dogs.

Best part about it was that while it was 85 degrees down at the house, it was cool enough up on the mountain that there were still snow pockets in the shadows.

We took our nephew with us – our entire extended family loves the outdoors. He, along with our two, thought the snow was great – Austen kept throwing snow balls at us while the dogs just wanted to eat it.20150412_141610

This trail is not for the faint of heart. Some parts of the trail hug the slope pretty tightly and stepping off the trail in the wrong place could have you sliding down the mountain.  But the summit is worth every step of the hike up.  The sweeping  panoramas are the type that can only be seen above 6800 feet.  Also, there are some beautiful open areas, such as one with a grinding stone in the middle that was used by the original20150412_141201 inhabitants of our Valley, the Tubatulabal.  And some meadows that we thought looked perfect for a picnic (we’ll take one next time we go up)

All in all,a great day. And we found 2 of the five geocaches hidden along the trail – although I think the one at the summit bench wasn’t official:)  We’ll find the other 3 next time.

So, until our next adventure…nothing is worth it if you aren’t happy, so don’t  let life pass you by.