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How to Install a Wood V-Groove Ceiling

Hello all. If any of you out there, like me, have wanted to do something a little less conventional with your ceilings, have I got a project for you.  Go down to your local hardware store and get some 3.5″ tongue and groove planks, the stain color of   your choice, and have at it.

How we got our beautiful ceiling

We used Ever True Edge V Groove panels from our local Lowe’s. They were relatively cheap. Then we got some stain. I used Minwax PolyShade in Antique Walnut.

I stained all the wood with a staining rag. The reason I liked the PolyShade was because it was a stain and polyurethane mixture. All I had to do was slop it on, then wipe off any excess.  Let it dry and Viola!

Ever True Edge V Groove Minwax PloyShades Antique Walnut

My husband put the boards up. He’s taller than I am so he could reach better. At least, that’s what I told him. He knew I was full of it, but he was a good sport and put them up anyway. I helped, of course.  I just let him wield the brad gun.

The boards went up faster that I could stain them. It was pretty simple. The length of the room lined up so that  we didn’t have to pre-cut anything.  We let the runs dictate what the length of each board was going to be. And it worked out that we didn’t have any seams lining up and the pattern of edges came out pretty nice. Not too uniform, not too random. And this cut done on any leftover scrap: we had a couple of one inch pieces left at the end. For a 300 sq ft ceiling, that’s awesome.

One trick we found that was very useful was how we nailed them up. With the v-groove configuration, it is easier to keep the runs flowing if you only half nail them in place.  When your running a row, only nail the edge that’s meeting the last row. Do not nail the outside edge.  This will make your life so much easier. It leaves that edge loose so that the next row will slide right in. No wrestling with an edge that’s already nailed tight to the ceiling. You get some wiggle room.

For the edges, we got some quarter round moulding in pine and stained it to match.  This was pretty straight forward, until we got to the fireplace.  That was a pain. We had to cut several 45 degree cuts to get into the edges. And the brick only came out from the wall about 3.5″ so those angled pieces were fun on a chop saw.

But we got it done. And it looks awesome. I love my wood ceiling. It’s different and complements the brick fireplace and tan wall paint very nicely. It was work, but nothing of value is going to be easy.  And it was worth every minute.

Let me know if you’ve done a similar project and how yours turned out. Or what you did differently.

Working the wood across the ceiling Sliding the boards in on at a time Brad gun Quarter round moulding Finishing Work The corners around the chimney were challenging The color came out great